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Privacy Policy

At Ariya Neuro Care we are committed to protecting your personal data and handling it responsibly. As such, we have updated our Privacy Policy to explain how we manage your data.

The changes we have made are in line with new data protection laws, known as the General Data Protection Regulation, which is effective from 25th May 2018. This is part of our ongoing commitment to be transparent about how we use your personal data and keep it safe.

Privacy Statement for Service Users, and Prospective Service Users, May 2018

Key Points:

  • Why we use your data: We use information about you for the purpose of your residency with Ariya Neuro Care
  • We use your sensitive data: As a Service User, we may hold and use information about you concerning your health, racial and ethnic origin, sexual orientation and religion
  • Sharing data: There are occasions where your data will be may be shared with third parties, including other healthcare agencies who contribute to your personal care. These include your GP, anyone with power of attorney, statutory bodies concerned with the regulation of your care, and other agencies who may continue your care
  • Security: Your data will be respected and secured at Ariya in accordance with the law
  • International transfer: We will not transfer your data outside of the EU

    How we store your information, and when we delete it
    We are obliged by care regulators to maintain accurate records of care delivery and other data about those for whom we care. When a service user leaves our service, we will archive that personal data in a secure storage facility (for paper records) and in a secure server (for electronic records). We will maintain it securely for no more than 8 years, unless a complaint or claim has been notified in which case we shall retain relevant data for the purpose of addressing that matter.

    From time to time, our insurers may request that data be held longer than 8 years for the purpose of an individual claim which concerns the data subject.
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